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Heart Attack Grill

Heart Attack Grill: Truth in Advertising

If Heart Attack Grill has a giant whiteboard proclaiming, “Number of Days Since Last Coronary:,” they had to reset it to zero earlier this week. Just a few months after …

Heart Attack Grill

Prepare the Defibrillator… Here Comes Heart Attack Grill

The kitchen is stocked with lard, butterfat and beef. Heart Attack Grill is opening this month at Neonopolis. Is your heart ready for the Quadruple Bypass Burger, Butterfat Shake and Flatliner Fries? …

Heart Attack Grill

Would You Like Fries and Palpitations With That?

Sure, Hash House a Go-Go has huge portions. But for some people, it may not be enough. Enter Heart Attack Grill. Boasting an 8,000-calorie Quadruple Bypass Burger, the Butterfat Shake …