AddressInsert Coin(s)
512 Fremont St.

Permanently closed, effective July 9, 2015

What to Expect
In Las Vegas, the word “gaming” is usually associated with blackjack tables and slot machines. At Insert Coin(s), however, you won’t find any green felt or one-armed bandits. One of the newest downtown Las Vegas bars, Insert Coin(s) caters to a different kind of gamer.

Whether you prefer the old-school fun of Galaga, Burgertime and Mortal Kombat II or the more realistic action of Madden NFL 11, Grand Theft Auto IV and Call of Duty: Black Ops, Insert Coin(s) is the Fremont Street bar for you.

The focal point of Insert Coin(s)’s 7,000-square-foot space is the rectangular bar that serves as the center of the action. The illuminated bar is the place for anyone wanting to demonstrate their skills at several video game stations. Television monitors above the bar allow everyone to see where your video game skills fall on the scale between 13-year-old boy and 80-year-old grandma.

On the bar floor, you’ll find dozens of classic upright arcade video game machines, including  and even a pinball machine or two.

Insert Coin(s) isn’t simply a video game arcade, however. Large, cushy nightclub booths line one wall for patrons interested in the nightclub bottle service experience or a dedicated HDTV and gaming console for your group (reservations available). The bar features a reasonable selection of domestic and import bottled beers and the specialty drink menu includes several fruity cocktails (appropriately named after Ms. Pac Man and the ghosts Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde), in addition to the usual well drinks and cocktail favorites.

Like most of the Fremont East bars, Insert Coin(s) is packed on weekends after 11. Music is sometimes provided by DJs, and guests are encouraged to start their own Dance Dance Revolution.

9 Responses to Insert Coin(s)

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  2. Reaper says:

    Without question, the WORST door people and staff I have ever seen in Vegas. Attitude and trouble throughout my visit; left early due to the general rudeness. Beware…

  3. Walt D in LV says:

    Insert Coins started out with a great idea, video game arcade with a bar. They have a great selection of old school classic games plus several console systems available. Bar drinks were pricey, but that’s not unexpected.
    Where they lost me at was that it is so, SO smokey inside! Yes, even in this video arcade in 2013, smoking is allowed and the place REEKS!
    They installed “smoke eaters” shortly after opening, so if you went in the daytime, you MIGHT be okay. However, at night, you have no chance. The smoke is so thick inside…
    I feel any place where you have to shower after going to is just not worth going to.

  4. Al From San Diego says:

    April 5th and 6th. Two different crowds here. On Friday night it was busy, packed with partying-hard young people. The drinks at the bar stand up as straight as the classic video games, much appreciated, but drink wisely. Saturday night around 9, mostly tourists and a bunch of “kids” born in the 1960’s and 70’s. I don’t think you can put a stamp on what to expect here in terms of a crowd type. Definitely worth checking out if there’s not a cover. I dig the neon bar!

  5. matt hart says:

    The only bar on east Fremont to charge a cover. I used to bounce between here, DTCR, Vanguard and Griffin, but it’s not worth it now to pay a cover just to go in and pay more for drinks and expensive video games. Take note Insert, as most people I know feel the same on principle.

    • Monique says:

      If you could get in. You mentioned you were a bouncer , my husband who was dressed like the people , very few mind you, inside was not permitted entrance because he is BLACK and I am white a witnessed something hat I never thought posible in 2013. We are from RI and not use to white supremacy and boy that white bald man working the door showed his distaste for color! They will never get my white $$$$

  6. Michele says:

    They’ve added a few more video games since they opened, and they have a wider selection of old-school and newer games. They have a nice selection of Three Olives vodka, including their new Cake flavor (which I recommend having chilled, straight up). Friendly bartenders and fun ambience. There was some sort of video game tournament with play-by-play while we were there. We had no idea what was going on, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

  7. Al from MN says:

    ADD Heaven. Between the girls (which for a kinda of geek place, didn’t expect) the games, the DJ, Movies playing, and Big screens everywhere, this is short attention span paradise.

    They offer bottle service for $300 a bottle, which is pretty good for Vegas – but they offer the exact same bene’s for half bottle – bottle service at $100 per half.

    Struck me as odd, full for $300 and half for $100 – didn’t get either but that struck me as pretty decent compared to the rest of the city.

    Good vintage games, mostly in good working condition. Pinball too.

  8. MrE in LA (formerly Mr E from Santa Cruz) says:

    Young crowd here made it seem like a collage bar. Bartenders were just ok – they tried to pull a fast one and gave us a different grapefruit based energy drink instead of a Red Bull in the Vodka Red Bull we ordered ; maybe they don’t have Red Bull or they were out – either way they could have said something when the order was placed. When we pointed this out to the Bartender, he started to act indignant about it, until we claimed to be allergic to grapefruit – at which point he made a Vodka martini instead for the same price. Still it was great to play some of the cool vintage arcade games, like Moon Rover, 720, Joust, and Asteroids – all of which were in mint condition.

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