Piccadilly Pizza

Longtime Fremont Street pizzeria Piccadilly Circus Pizza won’t be around much longer if the city approves plans for a new bar. The city is reviewing plans to convert the space to 322 Bar & Bakery, a 24-hour bar specializing in “gourmet baked goods, craft, domestic and imported beer, and other alcoholic beverages.” The space would include seating for 25 and multiple televisions for viewing sporting events.

Recently, under pressure from the casinos operating the Fremont Street Experience, the city has placed significant restrictions on packaged liquor sales and consumption under the canopy. They argue that problems on Fremont stem from visitors getting loaded on cheap booze from area convenience stores. Critics suggest the casino operators are more concerned with competition than with curbing problems. Their reaction to plans for 322 Bar & Bakery and any future non-casino bars under the Fremont Street canopy will speak volumes about their motivations.

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One Response to Goodbye Pizza, Hello Booze and Baked Goods

  1. Jim says:

    Heading to the D in December and I feel like 2 slices and a drink for 5.99 may have been a bit of a late late night lifeline!

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