Just a few months after Downtown Container Park opened, trouble may be afoot. Las Vegas Sun reports that Future Restaurant Group is closing its three container park businesses—Pork & Beans, The Beatnik and The Boozery.

Future Restaurant Group has been expanding quickly in the past year, opening Inspire Theater and its soon-to-be three bars, preparing to open Scullery at The Ogden, and continuing to operate Downtown Cocktail Room, The Beat Coffeehouse and Oscar’s. Perhaps FRG grew too fast and needed to refocus, but its quick exit from Downtown Container Park raises concerns about the project.

It’s definitely too early to predict doom and gloom for Downtown Container Park, but we can’t help but wonder whether FRG’s exit will mark the beginning of a parade of vendors out of the park’s gates.

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One Response to Bye Bye Boozery

  1. Ronny says:

    When we were there in February, they were really late to open. We went to the park a bit early, had heard about the Boozery, and wanted to give it a try. The lady eventually showed up and said she’s be open in about 20 minutes. Which was already after the scheduled open time. We walked around and headed back 20 minutes later, still not open. We sat outside waiting, many other people came up to go in (the door was actually open) and just moved on after she said they were not open yet.

    We ended up just hitting Bin 702 for a cocktail and app, and that was good.

    I just thought I would share my experience since the problems may have been a bit deeper than just the container park. I realize it could have just been one bad day, but we didn’t go back.

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