Welcome to The BoozeryI’d like to think I’ve had some pretty solid alcohol-related adventures in my 25+ years of consumption. But when a friend recently asked about the most unusual place I ever got liquored up, I couldn’t come up with dick. Boat? Parking lot? Behind a big pile of dirt on a construction site? Booooring!

Thanks to a recent trip to Downtown Container Park, I now have a decent answer—even if it sounds more adventurous than it really was. If ever asked again, I’m going with “inside of an industrial shipping container.”

When pressed for details, the inquisitor need not know the shipping container has been converted to a cozy little bar with super friendly bartenders. He doesn’t need to know it is nestled amongst several other shipping containers selling jewelry, artwork, haircuts and tacos. There’s no reason to tell him it has one of the best bar names in Las Vegas—The Boozery.

Nope. I’m going to plead the fifth on any details, shake my head and say something like, “It was pretty crazy. You really had to be there.”

Visiting The Boozery, you’ll find about eight bar seats and plenty of outdoor patio seating overlooking The Treehouse, the container park’s bad-ass kiddie playground. The bar offers a small selection of specialty cocktails, half a dozen beers on tap and a full bar to meet most alcohol-related needs. Drinks are served in plastic to-go cups so customers can freely wander the park.

Adventurous? No, but definitely a worthwhile stop to make your Downtown Container Park visit a happy one.
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3 Responses to Review: The Boozery

  1. Al From San Diego says:

    I have visited and approve! Circle this place as a great spot to hit in the early spring when the weather is just heating up.

  2. Steven says:

    It pleases me that their draft beer list is predominantly local craft beers. As for Stella, I prefer it over Heineken.

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