The latest Fremont Street bar plans working their way through City Hall come to us from the Downtown Project, the folks behind recent projects including the Downtown Container Park and the what-the-fuckified Gold Spike.

DTP proposes turning 1031 Fremont and part of 1023 Fremont into Wheelhouse Neighborhood Bar and Stage, featuring a restaurant and two bars and an outdoor entertainment space between the two buildings.

1031 Fremont would include a dining area and a 13-seat L-shaped bar. 1023 Fremont would include a gift shop, large restrooms (presumably for outdoor events) and a longer, 17-seat L shaped bar. Between the two buildings would be a 6,300-square-foot courtyard with a stage.

If approved, the whole thing would be powered by a windmill. It would look something like this:

Wheelhouse Rendering


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