Krave Massive was closed by the city of Las Vegas on Aug. 30 as a result of vague licensing issues, according to the Las Vegas Sun. Billed as the country’s largest gay nightclub, the Neonopolis bar has only been open in its current location since June. Much of the space intended for Krave Massive had still been undergoing renovations and had not opened.

This isn’t the first sign of trouble for the club. In February, the Review Journal reported on issues that appeared to put the club’s opening in jeopardy.

The Sun also reports that partial owner Downtown Project is in negotiations to become full owner of the nightclub. Krave Massive confirmed the upcoming ownership change on Facebook and attributed the shutdown to that, rather than issues with the city:

Drink & Drag, Krave’s “sister” nightclub is unaffected by the shutdown.

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3 Responses to Trouble at Krave Massive, Ownership Change Coming

  1. Steven says:

    The broad over at Eater Vegas that insulting Chuckmonster and divulged his real name a couple of weeks back is just now reporting this. Eater Vegas once again trumped by a Vegas site not based in Vegas.

  2. Steven says:

    Sounds like a massive problem to me. The LVRJ article linked above highlights a lot of the company’s issues, so what may be about to go down (no pun intended)is likely related to those long-time issues.

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