Just weeks after Downtown Project bought and shut down Gold Spike, it reopened with a new look and without a hotel or casino. We decided to check out the new old joint to see what it has to offer.

For our purposes, the most important part of Gold Spike is the bar. Whew. It remains intact. The video poker is gone and a new bartop is in place, but otherwise it hasn’t changed much. The bar offers a decent bottled beer selection and $5 well drinks 24 hours a day.

So what are they doing with all the former casino space?

The entire casino floor has been redesigned with tons of lounge seating, a giant bed and a wide variety of games, including darts, pool, shuffleboard…

And cornhole…

Oh yeah… board games too, although there was nobody working the desk when we were there.

If all that non-gambling gaming fun makes you hungry, fear not. The cafe is still open.

Outside, we found more space for lounging…

More games (yes, that’s a giant Jenga set)…

And an Airstream trailer that sometimes functions as a bar.

The overall vibe of the place is that of a student center at pretty much any college. Too bad Caesars is already using “The Quad,” because that would be a perfect name for this place. With Downtown Project seeking to build a community for Zappos employees, I guess Gold Spike is intended as a place to hang out and blow off some steam. I guess I can see some benefit to that, but the reopened Gold Spike left me feeling like Judge Smails:

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3 Responses to Don’t You Have Homes? A Visit to the All-New Gold Spike

  1. jeffrey says:

    How long will they stay open ? They can’t be making $$

  2. Cage Silver says:

    “Oh yeah… board games too, although there was nobody working the desk when we were there.” Why would they be? They didn’t bother to hire new management did they?

    • jeffrey says:

      Downtown tony killed my beloved Gold Spike . Non smoking shuffleboard .. just like my grandmothers retirement home

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