With little fanfare, Fremont East’s newest bar opened this weekend. Park on Fremont has been under construction in the former Maharaja Hookah Lounge space at 506 Fremont for the past several months. Operated by the same people who opened Commonwealth a few months ago, Park features a massive beer selection (more than 100 varieties), gastropub food, an outdoor patio and an antique jukebox. Table reservations are available via Park’s website.

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7 Responses to Welcome to the Neighborhood: Park on Fremont

  1. kristin mason says:

    Cute place. I like that they decorated the place through local antique dealers. My landlord is one and the gnomes that are in the garden used to be in my backyard!

  2. Al From San Diego says:

    OF NOTE: Double check with the restaurant if using Open Table, they were having issues as of Saturday April 6th!

  3. Al From San Diego says:

    Ate here Saturday 6th. Decor isn’t as over the top as Commonwealth, but mind still blown. Super small dinner menu. Corn flake dusted chicken, “mac n cheese grilled steak” a few salads. Nothing too heavy. We really loved a couple things, their sweet potato bites were like little pillows of love. A ginger beer, lemon, vodka cocktail called “The Unicorn” was refreshing. The patio area is AWESOME. And you should explore the area around the fire place….. no spoilers… go on a little expedition around that area and see what you find.

    The service here was GREAT. Felt welcomed and taken care of from the moment we walked. Hung out here for a few hours. Wish I could go back. Final take, the food was solid, drinks and service amazing, and the decor and vibe perfection. Can’t wait to be back!

    • Al From San Diego says:

      of note: they are working out some issues with Open Table, call the restaurant to make sure you are confirmed.

  4. AL FROM SAN DIEGO says:

    Really wish I could find more on this place, sounds sensational. There are a lot of photos on Yelp! http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/park-on-fremont-las-vegas?select=-Km4mQ_EwaMgUvbXpGFbsg#-Km4mQ_EwaMgUvbXpGFbsg

    Anyone found a link to their menu? I would put this in the running for something to try this Friday, when I am in Las Vegas.

  5. donnymac says:

    Will have to check it out in May!

  6. Brian Seymour says:

    Looking forward to checking it out. Hoping the staff here is much nicer than the jerks they employ at Commonwealth.

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