BinionsEver since Binion’s closed its hotel in 2009, rumors of room renovations and other updates at the legendary casino have come and gone. Most recently, a report surfaced last February that Velvet Margarita Cantina was already under construction in the Binion’s Original Coffee Shop space. This proved to be false.

With recent renovations at The D, Golden Gate and The Plaza putting a nice new shine on Fremont Street, rumors of Binion’s renovations are again heating up. We’re hearing that several major projects are in the works:

  • Velvet Margarita: With Backstage Bar and Billiards now open and Fremont Country Club opening this week, nightclub developer Carlos “Big Daddy” Adley is ready to begin work on a Las Vegas outpost of his L.A. club. Construction may begin within the next few weeks.
  • Showroom: Binion’s never had a proper entertainment venue. It briefly converted part of the second level into a makeshift showroom several years ago, but it hasn’t been regularly used in ages. New plans call for a permanent entertainment venue on the second level with involvement by actor Vince Vaughn. New restaurants would also be located above the casino.
  • Casino Redesign: Binion’s is looking to give the casino a new look, amping up the Old West theme. Think old-timey Western brothel.
  • Room Renovations: Binion’s owner TLC Casino Enterprises has been trying to line up investors to renovate and reopen the hotel for a few years. Half of one floor has already been updated and will be used to house bands playing at Fremont Country Club. This video of a renovated suite concept is a couple years old but may provide insight into the hotel’s design direction. If carried out, the hotel would likely reopen in early 2014.

Whether financing is in place to carry out these plans remains a mystery. TLC has not yet publicly announced any of these projects. When the company purchased Binion’s in 2008, we had high hopes. It has taken a while, but perhaps Binion’s return to glory is finally about to begin.

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3 Responses to Binion’s Renovation Rumors Return

  1. vespajet says:

    The restaurant spaces upstairs has been neglected for years. The old buffet space and a Chinese place were closed during the years of Becky Binion Behnen’s running of the place into the ground. There is kitchen space upstairs that was primarily used for banquets in the banquet hall/slot tournament space in what was the original Benny’s Bullpen, which was not a bar but one of the rooms used for the WSOP.

    I’ll believe these renovations are actually happening when we see signs of construction. Considering that not too long ago some of the owners of some of the leased parcels Binion’s and the Four Queens threatened foreclosure as TLC Enterprises was behind in rent to them, if they managed to finally line up the financing to renovate the hotel (I was out there in 2009 when the announcement of the hotel closure was made and had been told the day prior by a dealer that it was for renovations but it turned out to be a lot more than that.).

    My first two stays Downtown were at Binion’s back in 2008 and the rooms in the old Mint Tower looked like they had last been renovated when Ted Binion was still alive. Outdated room furnishings, damaged furnishings, and dungy carpets. My first stay, I was staying on one of the upper floors which had balcony and the outdoor carpet for it was threadbare and was also missing a chair and table.

  2. donnymac says:

    Hope this happens! I also hope they reopen the classic coffee shop but that does not sound likely

  3. Sean B says:

    Maybe it’s true. Binion’s has always been a fun place to play, but it could really use a good update, but I’m not convinced the owners have the cash.
    As always, I’ll believe when I see the hardhats.

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