Since the debut of Bar 46 at the Golden Nugget, the neighboring International Beer Bar has been closed for remodeling. Well, good news surfaced today on the Nugget’s Facebook page in the way of photos of the newly reopened bar, and it looks sharp.

The bar is now considered part of Bar 46, so it seems the International Beer Bar name may be gone. However, based on the variety of taps and bottles on display, this is still the best Nugget option for a cold beer.

Check out these dazzling shots, courtesy of the Golden Nugget.

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2 Responses to Golden Nugget Debuts Remodeled Beer Bar

  1. Steven says:

    Visited this place last week and it’s a vast improvement overall. They still have all the beers and the same staff, but now they rotate in some of the new bartenders from Bar 46 and other places. Added a few TVs and the VP is still secure.

    One bartender told me the next upgrade will be Claude’s Bar (by the cashier’s cage). It will soon match the new & hip appearance of Bar 46 and the Int’l Beer Bar. Little by little, he said, they’re updating the entire property.

    I like the way they’re going about it. Instead of doing a mass and half-assed upgrade all at once, they’re really putting everything into each one, stage by stage. I think it’s working.

    It’s starting to look a little more like a Derek Stevens upgrade. But that’s a good thing.

  2. Jaymes says:

    I was just at the GN over the weekend: the bar was still under construction but the property map we got at check in shows the whole area as Bar 46. It would appear the Int’l Beer Bar is indeed no more. It was one of two bars where you could use the free drink coupons in the GN coupon book (Clauds was the other) I wonder if they’ll be valid at Bar 46 (I doubt it).

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