Originally slated to open its doors by Labor Day, Commonwealth is now scheduled to join the lineup of Fremont East bars sometime this fall. The former lingerie and dancewear shop at Sixth and Fremont has been completely gutted. Structural work is underway although mostly hidden by construction fabric wrapped around the entire building. Renovations atop the building at 525 E. Fremont have also begun in anticipation of Fremont East’s first rooftop bar.

Commonwealth plans call for three bars—a rooftop bar serving wine, beer and cocktails in pewter cups (because the city isn’t crazy about glassware on the roof) and an indoor main bar for us commoners, plus a private bar.

The super-exclusive speakeasy-style private room will be accessible through a semi-secret entrance. We hear this place will be so exclusive that to get in you’ll need the cell phone number of the one person who has a key and the power to decide whether you and your friends are worthy. Sucks for most of us, but at least we can retain our dignity by being rejected over the phone instead of withstanding the public humiliation of standing behind a theater rope for hours on end.

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