Given the ridiculous amount of media attention it has received over the past couple weeks, you’ve no doubt heard all about the unique features planned for the new Denny’s location at Neonopolis.

Announced last year and finally under construction, the diner will include a wedding chapel. Because what little girl hasn’t dreamed of a wedding dinner with moons over my hammy and a short stack instead of a wedding cake?

Novel and kitschy, the wedding chapel serves one purpose—publicity. It’s already working, and the place isn’t even open yet. Prepare to see the Neonopolis Denny’s on Travel Channel shows about Las Vegas for the next decade. Well played, Denny’s.

Of course, being a website focused on bars, we were intrigued by another feature unique to this Denny’s location: a full bar. We’ve been thinking about this concept for the past couple weeks and can’t decide whether it’s the greatest idea ever or a recipe for profound sadness.

On one hand, drinking at Denny’s is the ultimate exercise in convenience and efficiency. The menu is the holy grail of cheap drunk food. After pounding a dozen PBRs or half a bottle of Captain Morgan, a Grand Slam breakfast with an extra side of bacon is the ideal absorption to fend off tomorrow’s hangover. So being able to fill your face without even leaving your barstool has some merit.

That said, every Denny’s location we’ve ever visited feels like a den of lost hope and broken dreams. And that’s without booze. Toss in the added feature of around-the-clock alcohol and I fully expect to see Elisabeth Shue trying to coax Nicolas Cage back to the motel at 4:30 a.m. daily.

The diner, bar and wedding chapel is expected to open at the end of the year.

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2 Responses to Drinking at Denny’s

  1. Carol Jensen says:

    I eat at Denny’s while on vacation in Vegas in order to save my money for gambling and shows. I’m not part of “lost hope or broken dreams”. Just allocating my money to what is most important to me. Fine dining doesn’t excite me. Gambling and great shows (and Vegas itself) do.

  2. Steven says:

    Was here in late September and it looks like progress is slowwwww going. But once finished, I can see this being a welcome end of the night…or beginning of the morning.

    I also think this would be THE ideal spot to play Just Up or Still Up. Hands down.

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