Downtown Project’s plans for a retail complex constructed from converted shipping containers took a step forward on Aug. 14 with approval of initial plans by the Las Vegas Planning Commission. The city council will consider the proposal on Sept. 19.

Meanwhile, Downtown Project released new renderings of the proposed Central Container Park, which is planned for an empty lot on Seventh and Fremont. A few months ago, DP purchased the land and demolished the long-shuttered motel and night club (long live Gato 1 Nite Club). Here’s how the property looks today.

Let’s take a look at those renderings to get a feel for this thing. First up, is the entrance view from Fremont. Sure, the container park will have shops, bars and restaurants but what really grabbed our attention was the gigantic praying mantis that shoots flames. I’m on board. Let’s make this happen.

The new renderings provide a couple overhead views. When we first heard about an outdoor retail space made of converted shipping containers, we pictured something much junkier looking. This isn’t too bad.

The center courtyard space will include a playground. We could do without this. Kids ruin everything.

Finally, Downtown Project shows us some specifics. We’re still sort of obsessing about that flame-shooting praying mantis, but the immersion dome is intriguing as well. We have no idea what it is, but “immersion dome” sounds cool and futuristic. Sign us up.

If approved, the container park will include 11,000 square feet of retail space and another 3,200 square feet of bar and restaurant space. With the city’s approval, it could be open by spring.


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2 Responses to Central Container Park Plans Progress

  1. The name of the park is certainly descriptive, but it’s an awful name. Hey, let’s go down to Container park, ugh. However, I will be there for the flame shooting praying mantis and “Immersion Dome” as well.

    • Jim in Tulsa says:

      My question is how will small startup businesses afford to air condition these metal boxes in the desert? Maybe they won’t have A/C, or ME.

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