When the new owners of Fitzgerald’s began renovating the Fremont Street casino that would become The D Las Vegas, they began with the most important part (as far as this website is concerned)—the casino bar. In March, Longbar at The D was unveiled.

Unlike most casino bars, this one has a gimmick. At around 100 feet, Longbar is apparently the longest bar in Nevada. That alone is somewhat novel, but we all know it’s not the size of the bar that counts. It’s what you do with it.

Although we had previously wandered by Longbar for a quick drink on the go, we finally decided to give it our full attention during a recent Friday evening downtown visit.

We quickly figured out what will likely bring us back to Longbar. This place is perfect for watching sports. Plenty of casino bars have TVs tuned to sporting events, but the combination of quantity, size and placement of Longbar’s TVs give it a huge edge over other casino bars for taking in a game.

At the majority of casino bars, televisions are mounted high so everyone at the bar can see them. Depending on your seat, you’re nearly always looking up and/or at an angle. Because Longbar has more than a dozen 60-inch screens mounted relatively low—just above the back of the bar—patrons have a much more natural, straight-on viewing angle. No neck craning required. Watching our beloved Twins lose yet again was a little more pleasant thanks to the crystal clear vantage of our stools.

Even though the bar was fairly busy, it was adequately staffed with attentive bartenders, so our glasses were never empty for more than a minute before we were offered another round. A basic Jameson and ginger ran a reasonable $5.

Be warned that the first floor of The D gets pretty loud. Longbar sits right next to the table game pit, where dancing dealers entertain casino guests. So you’ll have to raise your voice a bit if you want your friends to fully hear your brilliance over the sounds of Katy Perry and Rihanna songs. But it’s worth it. During commercial breaks, swivel your chair around for a free go-go show courtesy of The D dancers.

As The D’s renovations continue, we look forward to seeing how the new D Bar, currently under construction, will measure up.

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2 Responses to Review: Longbar at The D

  1. mattbob says:

    Sounds perfect for our March madness trip! I assume they comp drinks for video poker players? (I understand that the pay tables may be less than optimal. Or even less than “Yikes, I gotta hit the ATM”.)

    • FSB says:

      They’ll comp drinks while playing. The D has some decent video poker machines, but not so much at the bar. The games have a progressive royal, but the paytables are pretty weak.

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