With the sheet just pulled over the head of Simpatico, more changes are happening at Plaza. Swingers Club, Plaza’s mini-golf/dueling piano/short-skirted waitress/home improvement center/all-things-to-all-drinkers bar, is undergoing a retheming. Proprietor and master of the hypnoarts Anthony Cools posted a photo on Twitter today of the Swingers Club signs coming down:

The bar is taking on a new identity in the form of The Drink.

I can’t say I’m surprised. From the start, Swingers Club was trying to do too much. While the play on words was a respectable attempt at being risqué, it ultimately confused the Plaza clientele, who didn’t get that “swingers” was a zany double entendre and not a literal invitation to fuck someone else’s spouse. The place had a half-assed mini-golf course but also featured dueling pianos. Ultimately, the hot waitresses and great drink specials were the most appealing reasons to visit. But that was lost in the branding.

So let’s hope The Drink doesn’t repeat these mistakes and simply focuses on the basics—great drinks, friendly service and a hot staff. If they can pull that off without all of the other bullshit, people will return again and again.

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  1. Brian Alexander says:

    Wow a critique with F bombs and the like. Trashy talk, Trashy review

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