Simpatico, the Italian restaurant hidden within Oscar’s at Plaza, has closed just a few months after opening. While the hidden, speakeasy concept seemed like a decent concept given the loose mob theme at Oscar’s, it never created the buzz a semi-secret restaurant needs to succeed.

Cosmopolitan’s Secret Pizza Place is always busy because word spread as soon as it opened that the food is outstanding. The lack of signs or page on Cosmo’s website is novel, but the buzz generated by the actual product is what keeps bringing people in.

é, also at Cosmopolitan, works because it’s ultra-exclusive (only eight diners each night who have to reserve exactly 30 days in advance) and has the draw of a highly regarded chef, José Andrés.

Simpatico didn’t have a big-name chef and Plaza didn’t really do much to generate a buzz. Try finding a review online. There aren’t many. It doesn’t even have a Yelp page six months after opening.

It remains to be seen whether Oscar’s will use the former Simpatico space for private parties or overflow seating, or if they’ll try a new restaurant-within-a-restaurant concept.

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