It wasn’t so long ago that ordering a cocktail more complex than a Manhattan or a beer more exotic than a Heineken in Downtown Las Vegas would have gotten you laughed off your bar stool. Thanks to the surging popularity of cocktail culture and craft beers, those days are gone. It’s truly a great time to be a drinker.

With constantly evolving craft cocktail creations, mixologists at bars like Downtown Cocktail Room and Vanguard are helping customer find new enjoyment from their favorite adult beverages. One of the newest bars in the Fremont Street area, Mob Bar is the latest to offer an impressive beer selection, a tasty specialty cocktail menu and, our favorite, off-menu custom creations at the bartender’s whim.

Located next to Triple George Grill in the former Sidebar space on Third Street, Mob Bar is modeled after a 1920s supper club. With beautiful chandeliers, stylish bar stools and menus printed on paper reminiscent of the era, you might think Mob Bar would be snooty, but you couldn’t be more wrong. During two visits in May, we found it to be one of the most relaxing, chilled-out bars in the area. The staff was equally welcoming to Las Vegas locals and tourists who wandered over from Fremont Street.

So what about those drinks? Among my favorite selections was the Clara Bow, made with Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, Domaine de Canton, Falernum, green Tabasco and lemon. I’m not going to lie. I don’t even know what a couple of those ingredients are, but damn was it delicious, balancing a little sweetness with a bite. The bow on top was a nice touch too.

One of the off-menu drinks was an adult root beer float, a creation of bartender Pinto, who was soliciting names for the drink from bar patrons. He liked my drinking companion and wife @anitamartini’s suggestion of Roll Out the Barrel, so ask for it by name next time you visit.

With all of that alcoholicious goodness, you may want to grab a bite at Mob Bar. You won’t be disappointed. The appetizer menu includes amazing, melt-in-your-mouth Chicken Parmesan Sliders ($6) and signature Spaghetti & Meatball Bites—four delicious forkfuls of, obviously, spaghetti and meatballs for $5. Mob Bar also serves salads and entrees, including burgers, fish and chips, salmon, sandwiches and pasta from the Triple George kitchen.

Mob Bar is a welcome addition to downtown. Thanks to the delicious drinks, the tasty food and the friendly bartenders, we highly recommend a stop at Mob Bar next time you’re downtown.

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  1. MrEinSantaCruz says:

    Was in town for VIMFP and took a friend who wanted to drink on a Saturday night without having to put up with blasting house/hip hop music or big crowds and MobBar fits that perfectly. Our bartender was both professional and friendly (not to mention smoking hot) and she told us that while the “Mob Bar” name is moving, that the owners were planning on keeping the place running under a different name after the Grand opens (hope that’s true). Toward the end of the evening a local hipster crowd filtered in (seemed like it was their local bar) which didn’t slow down the service at the bar or raise the noise level too much.

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