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During our latest visit to Downtown Las Vegas, we stopped by Drink & Drag to check out one of Fremont Street’s newest bars. We liked what we saw.

D&D has a lot to offer. Taking advantage of some remnants from the previous tenant, Jillian’s, the bar features 12 bowling lanes and several pool tables. The space also features a large dance floor, a small stage, a DJ booth and tons of seating—both at the bar and and at the counters and booths near the bowling space. There’s a video game room too, but it must be tucked away in a corner because we didn’t see it.

Drink & Drag

Of course, the main attractions are the queens. Several of the bartenders and servers are dudes dressed like women—that’s the shtick. They’ll gladly take your drink order and periodically they hop up on platforms and lip sync. They’re entertaining and add to an already lively vibe.

If you’re an uptight homophobe, Drink & Drag isn’t for you. For anyone else, it would be pretty tough to have a bad time there.

Drink & Drag

That said, we have a few suggestions for D&D’s management. First, you need better signage. Accessible from the interior part of the still mostly vacant Neonopolis, Drink & Drag does very little to draw people in from Fremont Street. Without some prominent signs on the exterior of the mall—where all of the foot traffic is—very few people are going to wander in unless they already know about the place.

Second, your drink prices are way too high for downtown. The Super Gay Sunday prices are fabulous ($1 draft beer, $2 well drinks, bottled beer and wine), but a shot of Jaeger or a Jack and Coke for $10 is way overpriced for your location. This isn’t the Strip. You’re competing with Hennessey’s and the casino bars. Bump the prices down to $6 and you’ll be fine.

Drink & Drag

Finally, if you’re going to heavily promote “celebrity” appearances by the drag queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race, you may want to require the performance to include a little more than two five-minute lip syncs with a two hour break in between. The brevity of Pandora Boxx’s appearance was ridiculous. Even the addition of five or 10 minutes speaking to the audience before or after each lip sync would have helped make the appearance worthwhile.

Drink & Drag

So, if you’re on Fremont Street, have an open mind, want a unique experience (and perhaps a little bowling), Drink & Drag is worth a visit. Just make sure to take advantage of drink specials and don’t expect much from special guest queens.

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  1. Scott Roeben says:

    Totally agree about the prices. Had a couple of cocktails this evening (a rum and diet, and a fancier, signature drink), and it came to $21 plus tip. Ouch. Like you said, not crazy for The Strip, but surrounding venues are much less. Ask about their text deal (text DRAG to 313131) for a 2-for-1 drink special. (Related: Do NOT make assumptions about that attractive female bartender who looks nothing like a drag queen, and do NOT make a joke you think is a compliment like, “Hey, you’re not a dude!” Because she might have been a dude at some point. Oops.)

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