Tucked away at the end of today’s Las Vegas Review Journal article about Las Vegas Country Club and Backstage Billiards development is news that long-forgotten plans for Venue of Vegas are being dusted off and reconsidered.

Planned for a lot on Fremont and Eighth, across from the closed Western Casino, 2007 plans for Venue of Vegas called for an event center for “corporate meetings and parties, proms and bar mitzvahs” as well as concerts, dancing and comedy shows.

The developer plans to open Venue of Vegas by the end of 2014, but we’re a tad skeptical about the concept’s potential to succeed for a few reasons:

  1. The project plans seem too generic. Trying to act as a corporate event center, comedy club and nightclub will be confusing to potential patrons.
  2. Given the amount of flexible space in Las Vegas hotels for corporate events, wedding receptions and parties, does a free-standing corporate event center in downtown fill a need?
  3. Venue of Vegas is a horrible name. Calling your place “venue” tells me you’re too lazy or uncreative to come up with a real name, which doesn’t bode well for other aspects of the property. That said, the developer is expanding The Venue Scottsdale. So what do we know?
  4. Plans for Venue of Vegas were announced five years ago and still haven’t taken root. Granted, the economy tanked, but plenty of other development has happened on Fremont Street since then.

East of El Cortez, Fremont Street needs some help. The sketchy motels, the closed Western casino and the abandoned lots make the whole area feel pretty bleak. Redevelopment by the Downtown Project will certainly help, and if Venue of Vegas turns out to actually be a viable plan, it’ll be nice to see the area cleaned up.

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