When it comes to casino bars, nobody on Fremont Street can touch Golden Nugget for variety. The Nugget has more than a dozen bars to suit every drunkard’s needs. Just months after opening the Ice Bar, the Nugget just announced the construction of yet another new booze emporium, Bar 46.

Based on this photo we stole from Golden Nugget’s Facebook page and the accompanying announcement, it appears to be an oval bar with easy access to the slot floor and a new table game pit that opens onto Fremont Street. Bar 46 is expected to open this summer.

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2 Responses to Golden Nugget Announces Bar 46

  1. Gray says:

    Good grief, where are they putting all these bars? What are they clearing out to make room for them? They do have a lot of bars….

  2. Tom W says:

    Looks sweet….great to see more new stuff streaming out of downtown.

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