Drink and Drag, the drag queen themed gay bar being constructed at Neonopolis, has announced yet another opening date, May 5. As you may recall, this place was supposed to open in December and then January and then April. In January, we predicted a late April opening. If the May 5 date holds up (don’t count on it), we’ll only be a few days off. Damn, we’re good.

We don’t wish failure on any Fremont Street bar, but if the clusterfuck of an opening is any indication how this place is going to operate, we give it nine months. Expect the doors to close in early 2013.

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One Response to Yet Another Delay for Drink and Drag

  1. Tiffany Matras says:

    This past weekend my girlfriend and I left our husbands at home and went to Vegas. We make this trip yearly and check out all the new things that are new. We stopped by Drinks and Drag our last night in town. We had a blast and could not complain one bit about the place. Greg the bartender was great and all the wait staff was wondeful. Even the staff that was getting off duty stopped by to welcome us and share a joke. We never felt uncomfortable and wish the best of success to the establishment. Its a great addition to Vegas and had a great vibe from start to finish.

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