The bars of Fremont East will be getting a new neighbor this summer. Vegas Seven reports that Commonwealth, a bar specializing in classic cocktails will be opening in the long-vacant storefront at East Fremont and Sixth Street, next to Le Thai. The bar will include two bars—a long main bar on the first level and an outdoor bar on the roof.

We love a good cocktail bar and look forward to Commonwealth. Having a rooftop bar will be tons of fun. However, the plan to serve all drinks from tin cups is lame. Apparently glass is a no-no on the roof. But tin cups? Mmm… metallicy cocktails.

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3 Responses to Commonwealth is Coming to Fremont East

  1. Austin Calix says:

    I am a wine & cognac drinker & the thought of dinking my favorite dinks from a metallic tin is alittle unsettling. I think this Place is a wonderful idea but just wish theyd keep some things ginuine like like glasses & snifters!

  2. Peter Nestor says:

    Theres a hipster-ish gin bar in philly that uses glass jars and tin cups. I thought it was weird at fIrst but it ads to the flavor of the drinks.

  3. Michael White says:

    Tin cups are good for going straight from the roof to the street to panhandle. They are also good to use to defend yourself against attack if you decide to go down to the Western to play some $1 craps.

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