On Wednesday, Feb. 1, Derek Stevens, CEO and Co-owner of Golden Gate and Fitzgeralds spoke with us about renovations at both properties.

According to Stevens, work includes:

  • Expansion of the Golden Gate casino floor and addition of 16 suites. The casino and lobby renovations and the first round of suites are expected to be ready on March 15 with the remainder of updates completed two months later.
  • Construction of a new Fitzgeralds casino bar on the first level. This bar, which will open in mid-March, will be the primary focal point for the casino.
  • Adding an exterior escalator that will carry guests directly to the Vue Bar space on the second level of The Fitz.
  • Unique theming for each casino level at Fitzgeralds. The first level will include dancing dealers, loud music and a party vibe similar to the late-night environment at Golden Gate. The second level will have a quieter, vintage Vegas vibe, including classic casino games including the ever-popular Sigma Derby.
  • Rebranding Fitzgeralds. Stevens didn’t confirm rumors that the new name will be The D Hotel and Casino but said the new name will be announced in mid-March.
Stevens also said a big announcement from the Fremont Street Experience coalition is coming soon. “There is a substantial project in the works that will to a certain degree almost redefine Fremont Street,” he said. “It’s really going to be something and it’s happening.”

Listen to the entire interview on episode #336 of our podcast, Five Hundy by Midnight.

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3 Responses to Golden Gate and Fitzgeralds Renovation Update

  1. […] Derby on the 2nd level of the soon to be remodeled Fitzgeralds. How cool is that? Read about it here or listen to the full interview at fivehundybymidnight. Share […]

  2. FSB says:

    No details on where the Sigma Derby machine previously lived or whether it has the full canopy.

  3. Jason says:

    Great news about the Sigma Derby! Where is the machine coming from? Does it have the full canopy?

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