As you may recall, Drink & Drag, a gay bar staffed entirely by drag queens, was announced as the newest tenant at Neonopolis last October. The original opening date was December 2011. Things seemed to be proceeding quickly. Facebook updates included photos of new furnishings and renovated bowling alleys.

December came and went with no opening, and official comments on Facebook began touting mid-January (and later Jan. 17) as the new opening date. So, Jan. 17 arrived and Drink & Drag still isn’t open. According to a recent Facebook post, drag queen training begins in two weeks. Based on past updates, we can only assume two weeks actually means two months, and that Drink & Drag will finally open its doors sometime in late April.

So what’s the hold up, Drink & Drag? Tuck your junk, come up with a specialty drink menu containing several less-than-subtle dong puns and open your doors already.

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One Response to Hey Drag Queens, What’s Taking So Long?

  1. sean behan says:

    “drag queen training begins in two weeks” – There’s a reality show for you………..

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