Fifth Street Gaming has big plans for Downtown Las Vegas, and they start with 201 N. 3rd Street. The former Sidebar location is currently undergoing a whirlwind renovation that will transform the space into Mob Bar by Dec. 5. Across the street, work is underway to reopen the long-shuttered Lady Luck Hotel and Casino as Downtown Grand.

On Monday, Nov. 21, Fifth Street Gaming CEO Seth Schorr spoke with us about Mob Bar, Downtown Grand and the company’s vision to create a new neighborhood dubbed Downtown 3rd.

According to Schorr, Fifth Street Gaming’s plans include:

  • Opening Mob Bar on Dec. 5, the anniversary of Repeal Day. The bar will be modeled after a 1920s supper club where mobsters would have hung out. The design is focused on a 1920s atmosphere rather than a gangster theme. Glassware and menus will be authentic to the time period. Limited to evening hours at first, Mob Bar open for lunch in February, once the neighboring Mob Museum opens. Fifth Street is also planning to feature a new music style at Mob Bar one night weekly called “mobstep,” combining ragtime jazz with modern beats.
  • Transforming Lady Luck into Downtown Grand with an opening goal of early 2013. Currently, the building is being resurfaced. Groups managing the property before Fifth Street Gaming took over the project gutted much of the hotel, stripping rooms down to their cement core and enabling construction work to proceed.
  • Converting the former bus depot behind the Mob Museum into 100,000 square feet of retail space.
  • Marketing the entire area from Fremont Street to Highway 95 between North Casino Center Blvd. and North 4th Street as Downtown 3rd, a cohesive neighborhood akin to Fremont East.
  • Converting the closed Celebrity Theater into a restaurant, operated by Pizza Rock, featuring a Mack Truck DJ booth and breakdancing pizza chefs.

Listen to the entire interview on episode #327 of our podcast, Five Hundy by Midnight.

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  1. donnymac says:

    Can’t wait to check out Mob Bar in a few weeks!!

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