Tamares Real Estate, owner of three downtown casinos, announced today that it will close the Western Casino on Jan. 16, 2012. Although the company will consider redeveloping the property, no plans are imminent. In other words, nothing will be happening there any time soon.
The Western is notorious for being a little gritty and grimy. I’m not saying that it’s dangerous too, but I’ve always suspected the reason for the casino’s concrete floor is to allow for quick cleanup following bloodshed. Have you ever tried hosing plasma off of those butterfly rugs at Encore?
Despite its rough edges, the Western certainly has its fans, and I’m not talking about the indigent guys who spend so much time at the bar that their ass prints are permanently grooved into the stools. Bargain seekers who don’t mind the questionable surroundings and colorful regulars love this place. And what’s not to love? $1 blackjack. $1 craps. $1 drinks. $1 “food.” Fantastic!
If you want to say farewell to Your Dollar Casino, the clock is ticking.

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2 Responses to Western Casino Lowers Limits from $1 to $0

  1. […] The owners either renovate to lose the dive-y feeling, see Gold Spike, or they shut the place down altogether, as is happening at the Western. […]

  2. Markoo says:

    Another one of my favorite “dives” in Vegas is going away. Too bad I cant make it back one more time before they board the place up.

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