We’re anxiously awaiting the opening at Oscar’s steakhouse at Plaza. Despite initial plans to open in November, the official opening date is now set for Dec. 15. Additional noteworthy details from a flurry of articles from AP, Vegas Inc. and the LA Times include these nuggets:

  • The restaurant’s tagline is Beef, Booze and Broads. (Ignore reports that this has replaced Oscar’s as the actual name. Not true.)
  • For the cost of drinks and/or dinner, guests can choose to be joined by a whore classy, intelligent and attractive dining companion.
  • Featured cocktails will include the No-bama, a whiskey drink named in honor of former mayor and restaurant namesake Oscar Goodman’s verbal feud with President Obama.
  • Goodman doesn’t have an ownership stake. He’s merely licensing his name. However, he is expected to make frequent appearances.
  • The neighboring Italian restaurant will be called Simpatico.

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One Response to Oscar’s Opens Dec. 15, Offers Female “Companionship”

  1. Steven says:

    I think “Beef, Booze and Broads” needs to be my new tagline……

    I was hoping it was going to be open when I’m out there in December, but I’m going to miss the opening by a few days.

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