We’ve been wondering what’s going on with the long-shuttered Lady Luck Casino Hotel. Since closing in 2006, several promises to renovate and reopen the joint have been announced but never materialized. However, we became hopeful when current owner CIM Group turned over the Lady Luck renovation project to Fifth Street Gaming, owner of Triple George Grill and Sidebar (soon to become Mob Bar).

Earlier this week, Fifth Street Gaming mentioned on its Facebook page that the Lady Luck signs are coming down. Today comes word that they will be transforming Lady Luck into the Downtown Grand. Although timelines for the project are still a tad sketchy, it’s good to see something finally happening.

The old Lady Luck signs are headed for the Neon Museum.

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3 Responses to Goodbye Lady Luck, Hello Downtown Grand

  1. Sheila Bonenfant says:

    Lady Luck used to be one of my favorite places to stay in downtown Vegas. Hoefully, when Downtown Grand opens they will honor former Lady Luck patrons with some great specials on rooms and gaming. Hope it’s in the near future!

  2. sean behan says:

    I’m a three-times a year visitor, and I follow the downtown news a bit. When I am in town, I always make it a point to walk down and see what is going on at the Lady Luck site. Despite the semi-regular news about some new construction plan, there never seems to be anything happening there. Last time I was there (August) it seems they were doing some work on storefronts on Third Street, nothing else. News is great, but can someone report if any actual work is going on there?

    • FSB says:

      I checked in with the Fifth Street Gaming folks a few weeks ago and they confirmed that work had not yet begun. They were not yet prepared to provide a timeline either.

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