Clipping coupons to save a few bucks on some Vegasy fun isn’t beneath most Fremont Street visitors. So we’re happy to see that the Fremont Street Experience is once again offering print-at-home coupons for food discounts at Four Queens, Golden Gate, California, Fremont and Main Street Station. The best coupon, however, will get you a $1 beer at Fitzgerald’s Vue Bar. Buck beer in downtown Las Vegas? Where did I put the scissors?

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2 Responses to Vue Bar Buck Beer Coupon Returns

  1. FSB says:

    I’m guessing one coupon = one beer. There’s nothing on the coupon saying you can’t use more than one coupon, but it’s probably up to the bartender. So make sure to tip.

  2. Percy says:

    Is the dollar draft offer for one beer? Or as many glasses of beer as you want for a dollar each?

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